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This is a community for intelligent discussion of Buffy philosphy. This is why it is moderated, by the way.

  • We find discussing Buffy metaphysics, for the sake of metaphysics, unintelligent. Joss has said once and again they do not have any consistent metaphysics. Questions like "how come Angel could not CPR Buffy", "why was Buffy's death in The Gift enough" and similar will simply not be approved.

  • News of the actors and other gossip is not philosphy. There are many other communities which would love this news and gossip (and many members of this community will be there). This is not the place to post "James to star in new series", "Joss to write new series" and so on. This is interesting, but has nothing to do with philosophical ponderings of Buffy's philosophy.

  • We take things seriously. Requests to "not take it seriously" will be summarily ignored, and the requester mocked. Willow killing Warren, for example, is serious because we are all faced with the dilemma of taking the law into our own hands daily -- and pay the consequences.

  • If you ever find yourself writing "this is just my opinion", please feel free to delete the post. If you really feel your exposition is so lacking that you need to protect yourself from criticism by resorting to a juvenile version of subjectivism, it's quite likely that it is, indeed, so lacking and you're better off not posting it at all.

  • While not appreciating Buffy makes you clueless, it does not prevent you from being a member of this community. Criticising Buffy is fine. Just be intelligent about it.

  • If I don't approve a post, I will make my damnest to make sure you can get at a copy for fixing/posting somewhere else/whatever.